Managed Services

Unlimited 24/7 Support

Our 24 x 7 call center is staffed with IT pros for your business. We support a multitude of companies large and small. With around the clock access to technical resources, your business can offer unrivaled support to end-users and employees.

More than just a help desk

DSS Toronto’s Managed services are more than just a helpdesk. We offer full service IT and vCIO services that can help boost your business. 

Monitoring and Metrics for Your Entire Company

We allow your team to focus on what matters–business. We take care of all the technical aspects, from network, servers, backups, cloud, helpdesk, printers, and more.

We have a dedicated team of  IT professionals specializing in all disciplines of IT. You can rest assured we have the know-how and the experience to handle your IT needs.

Free your team to focus on what matters. Let us handle the IT. 

Security Centric

In today’s world, cyber security is an ever-growing threat. Robust security and protection are no longer simply nice to have–they’re must-haves.  

Contrary to popular belief, most cyber-attacks are targeted towards small- and medium-sized businesses. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) traditionally don’t have the expertise nor the budget to implement effective enterprise solutions. We change that by offering enterprise-level solutions into the reach of the SME market. We have no compromised solutions for SMEs–they truly bring enterprise into reach.

By choosing DSS Toronto's Managed Services, you are not only accelerating your company's digital transformation, but you are also getting access to insight and advice on making the most of your technology and your processes. Our regular vCIO assessments and consultations are based on real metrics and data, and can help your business make key decisions across several different areas.