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Is there an IT company that can do it all and do it well?

We asked this question, and DSS Toronto was born. Founded in 2012, we saw an opportunity to bring enterprise level services in a holistic approach to companies and businesses in need of IT management, networking, and solutions.  

We observed projects where multiple vendors were contracted to complete different aspects of a project–one for cabling, one for infrastructure, one for network, and one for wireless. These projects always ran above budget, were behind schedule, and always had vendors not taking accountability. We looked to solve these issues. Over the years, we have worked to gain recognized industry certifications, and have strong relations with all our partners and vendors. Looking out for your best interest is our best interest.

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Looking out for your best interest is our best interest.

We take pride in all projects and treat them as our own, we look to build long term customer relationships and always look in the best interest of our customers in all aspects from solutions to budgets.

Data System Solutions

We take pride in having mastered all areas of IT. We only hire the most hard-working and accomplished engineers, and all of our solutions are verified on multiple levels to make sure we bring nothing but the best, most cost effective, custom-fit solutions every time we take on a project.