DSS and manufacturing

Change is the only constant. Is your IT ready for technological changes? 

Are you ready for growth?

As markets are getting more competitive manufacturing plants are getting more efficient. To keep up with change, the industry is turning to smart technology. The modern facility has a multitude of connected devices, from PLC’s, HMI, IoT devices such as loggers and sensors, to network controlled lighting and HVAC systems; everything is moving towards connected.

Your network and infrastructure must be able to keep up with the influx of new technology all while making sure it is implemented securely. If not executed correctly the same technology that is supposed to make you more efficient will cause costly downtime and decrease output. 

DSS Toronto has the knowledge, expertise, and experience to help realize the full potential of technology.  

Experience and Expertise

  • ERP / Manufacturing Software

  • Robust Cyber Security offerings

  • Cloud Backups and DR

  • PLC / HMI Networking and access

  • Distributed Networks and Infrastucture

  • IOT Device integrations

  • IOT Devices (Temperature loggers, humidly sensors, light meters and more)

  • Building Automation and HVAC Controls Integration and Remote Access

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