Simplify everything. Give up nothing.

Hyperscale, mobility, and security at macroscale cost.

Cloud services provided

  • Private cloud Infrastructure as a Service

  • Cloud Back up and Disaster Recovery

  • Public Cloud Management

  • Veeam Cloud Service Provider

  • Acronis Cloud Service Provider

  • Certified with AWS, Azure, and Wasabi

  • VPN-less Remote Access

  • Azure AD

  • Office 365

  • Remote work & Collaboration Services

  • Microsoft Sharepoint Online

Times have changed

Remote work is the new normal. Keeping your data secure, and accessible is a growing challenge for many businesses. Leveraging the cloud can be a great option. With Microsofts Office 365 services you get access to services like Microsoft Teams which give collaboration and communication, Azure AD which allows for cloud authentication and VPN-less remote access, Sharepoint for files, and much more.

DSS Toronto has the certifications, and the experience to get you mobile and ahead of the curve. 

Accelerate growth, reach, and power. All while minimizing cost and maximizing ROI.

By leveraging cloud services you get to compete with the incumbents all while minimizing CapEx and maximizing your potential. We can help you jump start your projects by leveraging a multitude of cloud services. We work with all public cloud providers and select private cloud providers to make sure you are always getting the best.