DSS and cannabis

Stringent regulations, massive storage needs and robust security requirements makes this a challenging task for a lot of LP’s and processing facilities.  

DSS Toronto has a lot of experience designing, implementing, and maintaining networks all from scratch for the cannabis market.

Experience and Expertise

  • ERP / Seed to Sale

  • Robust Cyber Security offerings

  • Cloud Backups and DR

  • Large Scale CCTV Storage

  • Distributed Networks and Infrastucture

  • IOT Device integrations

  • IOT Devices (Temperature loggers, humidly sensors, light meters and more)

  • Building Automation and HVAC Controls Integration and Remote Access

cannabis specific services

Large Scale CCTV Storage

As a cannabis facility, you are required to keep 1 year or more of video footage for all cannabis present areas. For most facilities, this amounts to hundreds or even thousands of Terabytes of data. We have designed storage systems that can scale to exabytes (1,000,000 TB's) of capacity. We can provide solutions for considerably less than what your security vendor is quoting. Our solution is enterprise-ready and used by some of the biggest companies for mass storage. Our system works with all major VMS's such as Genetech, Avigilon, Exacq, Milestone (certified solution), and more.

Networks that are Secure and Scalable

When networks are set up we ensure that scalability, security, and flexibility are maintained. Networks installed by DSS Toronto have an uptime of 99.9987% (less than 7 minutes of downtime per year). We partner with the best brands to make sure that your facility is securely online all the time with room and capability to grow.

Solutions that give you an edge

DSS Toronto can help you gain a competitive edge by leveraging the right technology and putting it to work for you. By making use of cloud computing, and a mobile-first approach we can help reduce initial costs while increasing productivity and output.

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